Cancel Cancel Culture

Change can be great for improvement.

Progress can be for the #betterment of the #world.

However, progress for the sake of progress and change merely for the course of change are either; One A giant meta #hamsterwheel of an #stalemate, or Two A step in any direction, which can be the #wrong or #bad direction.

In mid to early or possibly late 40s the Production Code Administration censored what could be in Hollywood’s official publicity shots.

Among the forbidden images were…

(1) the law defeated;

(2) the inside of a #thigh;

(3) #lace #lingerie;

(4) a #dead man;

(5) #narcotics;

(6) #drinking;

(7) an exposed #bosom;

(8) #gambling;

(9) pointing a #gun;

(10) a #tommygun.”

WhiteySchafer put together this piece of protest photography a sinful still life.

I whole heartedly desire betterment, but CancelCulture and SocialJustice with a lack of DueProcess is scary when direct intent and indirect consequences are never brought under #scrutiny.

Also I’m an idiot don’t listen to me.


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