No good very bad days

Some times I worry that my worst day emotionally don’t have to be. As in I have come to find that some times I dwell on a single negative part of an otherwise better than half-descent day.

Do you ever find that you don’t do nothing but milk a bad experience all day and in doing so you marinate and saturate in the raw negativity and disposition dampening excretion causing depression and fatigue. This is never intentional and some of us can’t help it because of the way we are wired i.e. myself.

I want to try and alleviate as much of this unnecessary.

It’s a short one.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts, even as distracted and attention deficted as they are. I truly do appreciate it and I hope you got something out of it wether it be good or bad. If it is so bad you have a need to let me know feel free to send you angered words to

As always it is very important to me that this particular blog does not comes across as a editorial of any kind and for it to be more of a stream of consciousness and as such there is zero editing if mistakes are made they are left for your enjoyment, or torture as it were.


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