Focus on the good stuff

There is plenty of the bad in our lives. Sometimes we have to make our own happiness, our own good. Sometimes good times are sent our way. Last weekend I had some the best times sent my way. I was invited to the Writers Guild of America West’s Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Workshop. Where I got to me some of my heroes, people I look up to and aspire to be like for example, Brannon Braga (Star Trek: First Contact, Mission Impossible II, Salem…), Brad Krevoy (Dumb and Dumber, Taking Chance…) Kira Snyder (Incursion, Alphas, The 100…) Jay Kogen ( Simpsons, Everybody Love Raymond, Malcom in the Middle, Fraiser, School of Rock…). The event was helpful, inspiring, and spiritualy uplifting.  Everyone who truly knows me knows that I am one of the most neurotic and self-deprecating individuals out there and normally the only time that I am content is when I’m creating and telling stories all this weekend was a very elevated form of just that.

It was sandwiched between two depressing, disheartening bookends, however I left LA with my head held high. Friday I had a meeting with a huge A-list production company and the two executives told me I had an incredibly marketable and commercial idea and screenplay, they were in pressed with my writing and auteur style, they offered me a lot of money to option with the condition that they hired a more well known writer to re write it so they could attach an a list director. “We would never in trust a 230 million dollar production budget to what Hollywood would consider to be a first time director.” Reluctantly, because I needed the money I told them if it was a different project I wasn’t so close to or wasn’t so close to my heart I would. Any one who has known me for the past year knows I’ve met the “it’s too expensive” pitch reply multiple times this year but I had my hopes up for this one. Then on Monday I met with another large production company who told me they had a different project in mind for their “tent pole “and didn’t want to green light any of my less expensive projects as they weren’t with in their “brand”. 
  But all in all it was a wonderfully insightful and inspiring weekend. Keeping the good times at the forefront of my mind I walked away with a new drive to make it in this industry. Hearing the struggle stories from my heroes really paralleled with me. I have a unique voice and I know I was out here to tell stories and make others happy. Now I just need to make the big move.

Also if you are ever in LA  go to the Honey Pig st 3400 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005 order the Kimchi and rice. Your taste buds will will you to thank me!

As always thank you for reading and I hope you got something out of it. As always feel free to send hate mail or your appreciation I really like reading from people who get something good out of my work. The email is .
Thank you for reading-




Also LA is incredibly expensive like ridiculously expensive the picture below was a mail I paid almost $20 for.



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