Organized writing

I am not a organized writer sometimes I will get an idea for a scene, character, plot point, an idiosyncrasy, a setting, relationship… And just write down my thoughts. As such often times my notes and research are spread across many different pieces of paper, napkins, paper table cloths, notes on my iPhone, electronic documents, voice memos… I do alot of writing between 6 and 9 AM in coffee shops, breakfast restaurants, meth labs, dinners… On occasions I will have notes spread all over the table and like today I went to the latrine and when I came back the waitress asked if I wanted more coffee and possibly kill her! I was very taken a back and she then pointed to a list of my characters some of which had red strikes through their names after I’d killed them off in my writing. Thank God she hadn’t called the cops or anything. She said something to the effect of, “I didn’t think so you don’t act like a serial killer”. Which any one who knows me knows that I can not leave and situation with out it being a thousand times more awkward than when I got there. As such I replied, “which is what makes me such a fastidious one…” (INSERT BIG CREEPY SMILE) She chuckled uncomfortably and I didn’t get anymore coffee. 
With anecdotal love,




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